Summer Resident Process


To be eligible to live on campus for summer, individuals need to be admitted to SF State and must be registered for classes in one of the following summer sessions:


  1. Explore available housing options and identify your preferred community and room type. You will be asked for 5 preferred community/room types when you apply.

  2. Review the fees and meal plan requirements for the community where you would like to live. Some communities have mandatory meal plans whereas others may not include a meal plan. 

  3. Review the Important Dates and Deadlines. 


  1. Log into the Housing Portal using your SF State ID number and password and click on the apply link to start your application.

  2. After completing the application, sign the License Agreement and pay the initial payment. Information about the initial payment can be found on the fee schedule. 

Please Note: 

  • Your housing application will not be complete until you have signed the license agreement and submitted the initial payment. 
  • Returning residents (residents that currently live on campus) will transition to a summer License Agreement for the number of weeks requested. Fees for all weeks of the summer License Agreement contract period as well as for the transition week between License Agreements (spring to summer) will be applicable. See the fee schedule for further details.


If space is available for the community and room type you've selected, you will receive and email notifying you that a space has been reserved for your in Housing. A notification with your assigned community information will be sent at a later date.

See the Important Dates & Deadlines for when these notices will be sent out.


When the Move-in Confirmation form* becomes available, log back into the housing portal to confirm your space. See the Important Dates & Deadlines for information on when this form is available and the final day to submit. 

*You will receive your room assignment information once the Move-in Confirmation form is has been submitted.  Room assignment information will include the assigned building, room number, roommate/apartment-mate information (if applicable). 

Please Note: Failure to complete this step may result in the cancellation of your room assignment.


*All dates are subject to change.