Meal Plan Information

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Benefits of a Meal Plan


Eating out, buying groceries, cooking and cleaning up can be costly and time consuming. With a meal plan you simply show up and enjoy a nutritional and well-balanced meal. We do the shopping, cleaning and the dishes so you have more time to focus on learning, engaging in campus life and other personal pursuits. Plus, with all-you-care-to-eat meals at our residential dining commons, you'll not only get more for your dollar, but your per meal cost will be lower than meals purchased at local eateries. 


Meal plans include a set number of meals per week to be used whenever it's convenient. There are multiple meal plans available, so you can easily find the meal plan that works best for you. For extra flexibility, meal plans also include both Flex Dollars & Gator Dollars, which can be used to purchase Starbucks coffee, meals, or snacks to-go.

Choose Your Meal Plan


Residents in the new housing community at West Campus Green, Mary Park Hall, Mary Ward Hall, Towers Junior Suites, Towers at Centennial Square and the Village at Centennial Square must select from one of the following meal plans. Residents at the Village at Centennial Square will also have a 5 MP available.

HOW IT WORKS | Your meal plan is loaded onto your SF State Student ID when you check-in on Move-in Day. Each time you dine in or grab a to-go meal at City Eats or The Bricks, your SF State Student ID will be swiped at the register and one meal will be deducted from your plan. You may use as many meal swipes as you'd like in a day as long as you have them available on your account.  


  • A meal swipe is best used for full meals. If you just want to grab a beverage or maybe some fruit, use your Flex Dollars or Gator Dollars. 
  • Be sure to keep track of how many swipes you use so that you don't run out or let any expire at the end of the week. 
19 Meals/Week

19 MEAL SWIPES PER WEEK + $75 FLEX DOLLARS + $100 Gator Dollars (per academic year)

15 Meals/Week

15 MEAL SWIPES PER WEEK + $100 FLEX DOLLARS + $100 Gator Dollars (per academic year)

12 Meals/Week

12 MEAL SWIPES PER WEEK + $150 FLEX DOLLARS + $100 Gator Dollars (per academic year)


Voluntary Meal Plans

Residents at Manzanita Square, University Park North, and University Park South may opt into one of the meal plans above at the time of application or they can choose to purchase a 100 Block or 50 Block Voluntary Meal Plan to be used at their convenience. Flex Dollars and Gator Dollars are not provided with Voluntary Meal Plans. 


  • Blocks load a lump sum of meal swipes onto your SF State Student ID card to be used at any time.
  • One block will be deducted from your balance each time you dine in or grab a meal to go.
  • Blocks do not expire at the end of the week like with mandatory meal plans, so your balance is available from week-to-week until it is depleted. 

Additional Information


Flex dollars are funds included with your meal plan to use at City Eats or for retail items at The Bricks.

Flex Dollars are great because you can grab a quick snack, Starbucks beverage, or to-go meal between classes, late at night when the dining center is closed, or whenever you feel like it. Plus there's no need to worry about having cash on hand. Flex Dollars are loaded right onto your SF State Student ID*!

Things to Know

  • Each purchase is subtracted from your Flex Dollar balance and you can add more funds any time you'd like. 
  • Flex Dollars will be disbursed in two increments. Each after the meal plan change deadline for each semester.


USE GATOR DOLLARS! Gator Dollars are the University currency that work like a prepaid debit card with funds kept on your student ID card. No need to carry cash or additional debit or credit cards. Gator Dollars may be used at any participating on-campus dining location including Bricks and City Eats. 

Additional Gator Dollars can be purchased through the OneCard Office.


  • Meals are not transferrable.
  • Meals cannot roll over from week-to-week or to a new semester.
  • For mandatory meal plans, unused meals expire at the end of Saturday. Meals load on Sunday for the new week.
  • Guest meals can be purchased with a meal plan swipe, Flex Dollars or Gator Dollars. 


Residents can request a change of meal plan once a semester. The last day to request a meal plan change is:

Fall 2023: August 28, 2023  |  Spring 2024: February 12, 2024

To-go meal containers for $5


No time to dine in? No problem! Get a to-go meal with a reusable container. 

How it Works

PAY the one-time $5 fee to purchase a to-go container at the register at City Eats.

SWIPE your SF State Student ID for a meal.

❸ FILL your container with the delicious items of your choice.

EXIT and eat.

RETURN your dirty container the next time you want to get a meal to go.

RECEIVE a new container.

REPEAT the process.

Things to Know

  • Only containers purchased at City Eats may be used for to-go meals.
  • Dining Services will wash and sanitize your returned container for you, but please make sure that your container is empty when you bring it back.
  • To-go meals consist of an entrée, dessert and a beverage.