Housing COVID-19 Information & Updates

University Housing is committed to providing a safe and healthy housing community for our residents. Following the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as State and County guidelines, we have implemented various practices and protocols in effort to protect the well-being of the residential community. The information on this page along with University Housing’s COVID-19 policies and guidelines are subject to change depending on the current conditions of the pandemic and any new recommendations from the State, County, or CDC.


is strongly recommended when inside public spaces

WASH YOUR HANDS after touching common surfaces

Follow campus HEALTH SCREENING protocols



Get Your COVID-19 Booster

Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

California State University (CSU) has announced that all eligible students must receive a COVID-19 vaccination booster.  For more information, visit together.sfsu.edu.

COVID-19 vaccinations are now readily available for the majority of the population and are our best tool to overcome the pandemic. In order to provide the safest possible congregate housing experience, SF State Housing requires that ALL potential residents are fully vaccinated (including booster) prior to moving on campus. Any student who receives an SF State Housing reservation must upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination or request a medical or religious exemption prior to move-in when completing the Move-in Confirmation form. Failure to upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination or exemption request will result in the administrative cancellation of your housing reservation.


  • Once your proof of vaccination is received or your exemption request is approved, you will be eligible to receive your move-in time and date.
  • Students who request for an exemption WILL NOT receive their move-in time and date until their exemption request has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate campus committee/department.

International Students: If you cannot get vaccinated in your home country prior to arriving to the United States, there is alternate documentation that you can provide in order to submit the Move-in Confirmation form. Please contact the Student Housing Office by email at housing@sfsu.edu for further details. 


  • A COVID-19 vaccination card that clearly states your name and any other personal identification information, and the dates that you received your first and second (if applicable) shot and your booster (if eligib.
  • Medical Immunization Records that reflect receiving a COVID-19 vaccination.


  • Students who are requesting a medical or religious exception from COVID-19 vaccination will need to provide supporting documentation.
  • Upon receipt, your documentation will be thoroughly reviewed by a designated campus committee/department. 
  • If your exemption request is approved, you may be required to take routine COVID-19 tests. There are NO exceptions for COVID-19 testing for students that have been approved for a vaccine exemption.


  • A letter from your primary health care provider that indicates that you cannot receive the COVID-19 vaccine (per HIPPA compliance, your health care provider should exclude the exact reasoning to why you cannot receive the COVID-19 vaccine).
  • A document outlining your religious exemption request and the reasoning behind it. Please be as thorough as possible.

As a continued effort to keep our residential communities as safe as possible and prevent the potential spread of COVID-19, residents with COVID-19 vaccination exemptions are encouraged to take a COVID-19 test on a weekly basis.

Test kits will be available free-of-charge from a vending machine in the Cesar Chavez Student Center MondayFriday during regular hours of operation. For further information on how to access and use the COVID-19 test, visit the Campus Comeback site. 

Residents are expected to be engaged daily with the University’s health declaration process and must demonstrate a health “green badge” to gain access to university facilities outside of their own residence apartment building.

SF State no longer requires face coverings to be worn on campus, however the university strongly recommends that you wear a face covering while indoors in public spaces.

Please Note:

  1. Many members of the campus community will continue to wear masks indoors, and their choice to continue masking must be respected. No one should ever be asked or pressured to remove their mask for any reason.
  2. The following areas will continue to require indoor masking: the Student Health Center, the Athletics Training room, Physical Therapy Labs, and Nursing Labs.


  • Wash your hands often with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 70 percent alcohol.
  • Public areas (lobbies, elevators, laundry rooms, etc.) and high-touch areas (door knobs, elevator buttons, etc.) will be disinfected frequently by the University. We also recommend that you clean and disinfect any frequently touched objects and surfaces in your apartment.


(Range from Mild to Severe)

  • Fever - Common
  • Headache - Sometimes
  • General Aches & Pains - Sometimes
  • Fatigue & Weakness - Sometimes
  • Extreme Exhaustion - Sometimes
  • Stuffy Nose - Rare
  • Sneezing - Rare
  • Sore Throat - Sometimes
  • Cough - Common
  • Shortness of Breath - Sometimes


1 - NOTIFY THE CAMPUS | Complete the COVID-19 exposure form or email covid19@sfsu.edu to alert the campus of your positive test result.   

2 - ISOLATE IN YOUR APARTMENT | If you test positive for COVID-19, you are required to stay in isolation for at least five (5) days.

After the fifth day of isolation, you can take an at-home antigen test. If the test is negative, you may end your isolation. If the test is positive, however, you will need to remain in isolation for another 5 days (10 days total) and will need to meet the following guidelines to end your isolation:

  • At least five (5) days have passed since your symptom(s) started; AND 
  • You no longer have fevers; AND 
  • Your other symptoms are getting better; AND 
  • You have a negative test result collected on day 5 or later

Because you will be isolating in your household, it is important to take the following precautions to help limit the spread of COVID-19 to others: 

  • Limit the amount of time you are outside of your assigned bedroom. 
  • Limit the amount of guests in your apartment during the isolation period.  We recommend no guests inside your apartment for two (2) weeks once isolation has begun. 
  • Remain 6 feet away from others if you do leave your bedroom during isolation. 
  • Wear a mask while you are in isolation and around others. 
  • Encourage roommates to wear a mask while in your household while you are isolating. 
  • Wash your hands frequently to eliminate the spread of COVID-19 on surfaces. 

Attending Classes/Events/Activities

While you are in isolation, you should not attend in-person classes, events or activities.  Be sure to contact to faculty/advisors/coaches, etc. to let them know you will not be in attendance.  If you need any assistance reaching your faculty, please reach out to the Dean of Students Office: dos.sfsu.edu/content/dean-call-program or at dos@sfsu.edu.

Dining and Food Delivery

To avoid exposure to others, do not visit the dining center during your isolation period.  You will need to make alternative plans for meals for the 5-10 days of your isolation period.  Please keep the following in mind when making your meal arrangements:

  • GROCERY OR FOOD DELIVERY | If you are receiving a grocery delivery, you may have the food dropped off at the community desk. Please work with your friends or roommates to bring the delivery to your apartment. Please Note: There is no refrigeration units for storage at any of the community desks, so be sure to have your roommates/friends to bring the delivery to your apartment as soon as possible to avoid food spoilage. 
  • MEAL PLANS | If you are a meal plan holder, you may ask a roommate to pick up a meal for you from the dining center in a to-go box.  You will need to provide your roommate with your university ID number when they pick up your meals.  You can access the dining center menu via the Bite App and you can pre-order your meals using the Transact Mobile Ordering App. Both apps are available for download for both Android and iPhone users. For instructions on how to order your meal with the Transact Mobile Ordering App, visit https://housing.sfsu.edu/dining