Renters Insurance

As a benefit of living on campus, residents will have $100,000 in liability insurance provided for them through SF State and GradGuard. Liability coverage is now included in your housing fees and protects you financially from unintentional damage due to fire, water and other causes of loss to University property caused by your negligence.

The University will not be financially responsible for replacement of any items or for a resident's liability unless as direct and proximate result of the University’s negligence. Check out this video for safety tips on how to protect your property. 

Personal Liability

The Community Living Standards Guide [PDF] highlights residents’ responsibility regarding their belongings and renter's insurance:

Your Possessions

  • The University is not responsible for possessions lost or stolen from your room, apartment, or from any other area of the residential community.
  • Keep your keys with you at all times and lock your door and windows when you leave your room/apartment.
  • Do not store your belongings outside your room or window.
  • Items placed outside your room will be discarded without prior notification. 

Renter's Insurance through a Third-Party Vendor

In an effort to provide residents with a quality personal property insurance option, SF State has partnered with GradGuard. If you choose to obtain coverage for your personal property on an optional basis, GradGuard can provide protection from fire, water damage, theft and other causes of loss for about $11/month. For more information about GradGuard, visit their website.

Personal property insurance can be obtained by directly through any third-party vendor.

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