Student Housing Application Process

Important Message to Spring 2020 Applicants

There is still time to apply for Spring 2020 housing. The application deadline has been extended to January 24, 2020. Click the 'Apply Now' button to apply.

**To apply for housing the recommended browsers to use are FireFox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. Please do not use Safari or Chrome.**

Whether you are a freshman, transfer or grad student, you will find a variety of housing options at San Francisco State University, all with abundant cultural and social activities to enrich your life as you pursue your academic goals.

On-campus housing at San Francisco State University is limited and in high demand. While living on campus is not required, it is also not guaranteed and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. The Housing Office highly recommends students submit their housing application as soon as the housing portal opens (see the Dates & Deadlines section on the right side of this page). Students are encouraged to apply for housing as soon as possible to increase their chances of obtaining a space and to avoid being put on the wait list.

Please note: The initial payment is not covered by Financial Aid.



Included in Licensing Fees


Total Licensing Fees

Security Deposit

Application Fee*

Activity Fee

Installment Fee

Academic Year (Fall/Spring)






Spring only












*Application fee is non-refundable and no fee is waiver available.
**$20 activity fee is optional for summer and non-refundable after the Licensee’s move-in date.


Apply to the University

  1. Apply for admission to San Francisco State University at CalState Apply starting October 1. Once your application is complete, you will receive a San Francisco State ID#, which you will need to apply for housing online. 
  2. Receive your admission notification to San Francisco State University and Accept the Admission Offer (AAO).

Apply for Housing

Once you have accepted your admission offer (AAO) to San Francisco State University, you will be able to apply for on-campus housing online (available March 1). Fall housing applications cover both Fall and Spring semester housing.

By the priority deadline*:

  1. Complete the online application and License Agreement. 
  2. Make the initial payment*.

*Priority deadline and initial payment information is available on the right side of this page.

Confirmation or Wait List Notification

Housing will begin sending space confirmations for Fall via email in April. If housing is full when your License Agreement and initial payment are received, you will receive a wait list notification via email. Wait list notifications are sent twice a week from the end of May to the end of October. 

Spring Forward Your Fall Housing Application

If you have not been confirmed for housing space by the time the wait list expires, you will be offered the opportunity to forward your application to the Spring semester. Participating in Spring Forward allows you to keep your original application date, without having to pay an additional $30 application fee. Your License Agreement will only cover the Spring semester.

Housing Space Assignment

Housing space assignment and roommate information will be emailed to confirmed applicants at the end of July. The email will include the assigned building, room number, roommate names and email addresses, and information about Move-In Day.

Important Dates:

Current University Housing residents are eligible to request shared apartment spaces at University Park North (UPN) and South (UPS) for the upcoming academic year. Housing for returning residents is not guaranteed. Students will be offered a random timeslot to select their spaces during the room selection process.

STEP 1: Create a Roommate Profile 

Once the License Agreement pages are completed, the portal will prompt you to complete the 'Create a Roommate Profile' and 'Search for Roommates' pages. All returning residents will be required to create a profile in order to select and be assigned a roommate.  Be sure to check the 'include in search' box so that you will be included in the roommate search process. 

STEP 2: Select Your Roommate(s)

If you do not have specific roommate(s) you'd like to share a room with, you will need to search for roommates in the housing portal.  For students who already know who they would like to share a room with, go to option 2 to create a 'Roommate Group'.

Option 1: Search for a Roommate

After creating your profile, students will be eligible to search for roommates according to the following criteria:

  • Search by Details- by entering their details
  • Search by Profile Questions- by selecting profile questions
  • Search by Matching Roommates- by searching roommates who match by profile information

Once you have found a roommate you would like to share a room with, select them and move to the next step. 

Please Note: Your License Agreement preferences and roommate selections are not guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with your selection you may request a room change two weeks after the beginning of the semester.

Option 2: Create a Roommate Group 

Returning residents may choose to select a group of two (2) to five (5) roommates when they reach the 'Search for Roommates' page by completing the following steps. 

  • Designate a group leader. Once a roommate group is determined, a group leader needs to be selected for the room selection step. We recommend that this be the individual with the earliest timeslot and the resident who will be responsible for selecting the rooms. Please Note: All group members are encouraged to discuss potential situations that could impact a group leader's decisions prior to the sign-up process. The earlier the date of completion by the group leader, the better the chances are to get an earlier room selection time slot for the roommate group.
  • Create a group. The group leader will need to create the roommate group on the 'Search for Roommates' page. Each roommate must be registered in the housing portal during the License Agreement renewal period and have completed their application, License Agreement and paid the initial payment in order to be added to the group and move on to the room selection process. 
  • Remaining group members join the group. Once the first roommate creates the group, the rest of the group members are able to search and join the roommate group.
  • Group members confirm and verify each member. Once all group members have joined, each member must confirm and verify each other. Unverified groups and inappropriate group names will not be accepted. 

Every current resident who completes the application, License Agreement and makes the initial payment before the deadline will be given a timeslot to select their room type based on:

  • Timeslot Level: The timeslot level as described in the chart below.
  • Date: The date and time the student submitted the application, License agreement and the initial payment.

 To learn about ways to get an earlier timeslot, view the Renewal Process & Timeline.

Timeslot Level Description
Level 1 Academic achievement and residential community involvement.
Level 2 Students registered for summer session R2-R3-R4 
Level 3 Continuing First Year Freshman residents
Level 4 Second year residents and above (SO, JR, SR, Grads)


Once the individual resident or group's room selection time starts, the room selection management page will be made viewable on the resident's portal. It is the responsibility of the group leader to assign all residents within the roommate group to a space. If the group leader does not assign individuals to a space, those individuals will be able to access the page and assign themselves. If you miss your room selection timeslot, your chances of receiving a space is lower. There is also the possibility that you might not get your preferences or that you will end up on a waitlist.

**Returning residents enrolled in R2, R3, or R4 will have guaranteed housing in the next academic year.   Therefore, you will not be required to transition in August.**

Students who are enrolled in at least one unit of instruction at San Francisco State University are eligible to reside on-campus during the summer.  Students can apply for summer housing until May 15th.

Summer residents are housed in single and double occupancy apartments in University Park North. Meal plans are not required for summer residents. 

To apply:

  • Log into the housing portal using your San Francisco State ID and password.
  • Choose the current Summer term.
  • Select your desired housing dates and complete the housing application.
  • Submit the initial payment. 

Please Note:

  • If you are a current resident, we strongly recommend that you submit your summer housing application before May 14th so that the Housing Office has time to organize your transition into your summer apartment.
  • All Housing License Agreements will begin on a Sunday (check-in 10am) and end on a Saturday (check-out 10am).
  • The remaining Summer housing fee will need to be paid at least 3 business days before their intended move-in date. Further fee information can be found on our Summer Fee Schedule [PDF]

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