Move-out Guide

We're Sad to See You Go!

We’ve enjoyed having you in on-campus housing and are sad to see our time come to an end. We hope your move-out goes smoothly and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Students moving out

Move-out Dates/Times

Spring Semester & Academic Year | May 25, 2024 by noon

MSQ | July 31, 2024 by noon

Spring residents who are continuing in housing for the next academic year will be sent instructions on how to transition to their new space.

Move-out Process

moving boxes and broom


Pack your belongings and clean your room/apartment according to the move-out responsibilities listed below.

To avoid additional fees, all areas of your unit should be cleaned/damage free and no personal belongings should be left behind. 

Please Note: University Housing is not responsible for any items found in your unit after you leave and will not ship/store any personal belongings.

Student loading car at move-out


To make your move easier, we recommend that you bring a dolly or a hand truck to move your belongings to your vehicle.

Please Note: Personal vehicles must remain in designated campus public parking areas or on public streets during move-out. Any vehicle found on campus walking paths or within the housing community will be ticketed. 

Student handing in keys


After you remove all of your belongings from your apartment, visit your community desk to complete a checkout form and return your keys. Staff will inspect your room after you leave. 

If you move out when your community desk is closed, please place the checkout form and your keys in the dropbox near your community desk. 

Please Note: Unless you have been preapproved for a late move-out from the Student Housing Office, any checkout after noon on the checkout day for your community will incur an Improper Checkout Fee. 

Failure to properly check out may result in a $50 improper checkout fee. Work with your room/apartment-mate(s) to ensure that your unit meets satisfactory standards so you do not incur any charges due to missing furniture, damage, or improper-cleaning.

Move-out Responsibilities

REMINDER | Charges may be assessed based on type and extent of damage or improper cleaning found in your unit after move-out. View the Community Living Standards Guide and your License Agreement for more information.

Yellow Frame

REMOVE posters, wall hangings, decals, etc. as well as any hanging material (3M Command hooks, tape, etc.).

Yellow Couch

MOVE all furniture is back to the original configuration and ensure it is in working order.

Mop and bucket

CLEAN all areas of your room/apartment thoroughly. Be sure to wipe down surfaces, vacuum, mop, and take out the trash.

Trash can

DISPOSE of all trash, recycling, and compost to designated areas.

WHEN YOU LEAVE | Remember to turn off all faucets, appliances, heater, and lights and close all windows, and lock the door. 

Things to Know

Keys with house keychain


Do NOT return any of your keys by mail, leave them in your unit, or return them to the Student Housing Office.

Keys not returned to your community desk at checkout will result in the following fees:

  • Keys returned < 30-days after checkout: a key replacement fee + pro-rated room charges from the date of checkout until the date the keys are returned. 

  • Keys returned > 30 days after checkout: A key replacement fee + a 30-day pro-rated room charge.  

By mail


Be sure to check for any mail or packages before you leave to ensure that you do not leave anything behind.

Please Note: The Student Housing Office is unable to forward any mail or packages that arrive after your departure. We recommend that you submit a 'Change of Address' form with the Post Office and to notify businesses of your new address in advance so that no mail or package are delivered to SF State after you leave. 


Please Note: The Student Housing Office will be closed on May 25, 2024.

Be a Green Gator & Move Out Sustainably!



Donate unwanted items to the Goodwill or any other organization that accepts used items. 



Sort out any items that can be recycled and place them in the recycling bins in the trash rooms in your building.

Trash can


Dispose of small items in the trash rooms in your building. See below for information regarding the disposal of large items.

SF State Gator statue

When & Where to Dispose of Your Items