New Applicant Process


  1. Explore our guaranteed housing options and identify your preferred community and room type. 

  2. Review the housing fees and meal plan requirements for the community where you would like to live. 

  3. Review the Important Dates and Deadlines on this page. 


  1. Log into the Student Housing Portal using your SF State Student ID number and password and click 'Apply for Housing' button to start your application.

  2. After completing the application, pay the $100 initial payment. The initial payment includes a $70 credit applied to your first installment and a $30 non-refundable application fee. 

Important Reminders:

  • APPLY EARLY! | The earlier you apply, the better chance you’ll have of getting your preferred community and room type. An application is not considered complete until you have submitted the initial payment.
  • ACCEPT YOUR ADMISSION OFFER! | Be sure to Accept your Admission Offer (AAO). We cannot reserve a space for you until you have accepted.
  • Check your SF State email account regularly for information about application and/or reservation.


Room reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis. If a space has been reserved for you in housing, a notification will be sent to your SF State email account. 

Please Note: You will receive your room and community information after you complete step 4.


Between May 20 and June 10, 2024, log back into the Student Housing Portal to complete the Move-in Confirmation form. Once this form has been submitted, you will receive your room assignment information along with your assigned move-in timeslot for either August 20th or 21st. Room assignment information will include the assigned building, room number, roommate/apartment-mate information (if applicable). 

Please Note: Keep an eye on your SF State email account for a reminder to complete this form.

Do not skip this step! Skipping this step may result in the cancellation of your reservation.


PLEASE NOTE: All dates are subject to change.