Returning Resident Housing Application

Grab your space for another academic year! Housing for returning residents* for 2023-2024 is available in the Manzanita Square (MSQ), University Park North (UPN), and the University Park South (UPS) communities. 

Important Reminders: 

  • Starting in April, returning residents will get to choose their roommate and select their rooms (UPN & UPS communities only). Review the 'Important Dates' section on the 'Returning Residents Apply' page and stay tuned for further information about the process. 
  • Residents who currently live in MSQ and would like to remain in that community will need to apply for housing by no later than March 31, 2023.  Please Note: The chances of staying in your same bedspace is likely but not guaranteed.

*Returning residents are students who are currently living on campus. 

APPLY EARLY! The earlier you apply, the better chance you’ll have of getting your preferred community and room type.