Room Change Process

People come from their own personal experiences, some of which you may not understand. It is therefore important to stay respectful and flexible with each other. Your room and apartment will serve as a second home to you and your roommate(s), so it is vital you all feel welcome and respected in your own home environment. View the Community Living Standards Guide for more information about roommate expectations and responsibilities.

Keys to Successful Roommate Relationships


Keep in mind that each person may have a different view of what sharing space means.


Keep an open line of communication and talk to each other about needs and concerns.


Remain open to doing things differently than what you are used to.


Respect each other’s differences, needs and priorities.

Requesting a Room Change

Every effort should be made to resolve any conflicts with your roommate and avoid changing rooms. If you feel that the differences are too extreme or that your safety is a concern, speak with your Area Coordinator about options that may be available. If a room change is necessary, you will be instructed to fill out a ‘Room Change Request’ form on the Housing Portal, which will be available two weeks after move-in.