Move-in Process

Confirmed residents will receive an email containing roommate information and designated move-in time on August 1, 2018. Applicants on the wait list should not attend move-in day, as the Housing Office will not be assigning spaces that day.

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Move-in Fall 2018 | Check-in Times & Locations

Returning Residents—Thursday, August 23rd:


After Hours: TCS front desk  

First-Time Residents—August 24th:

9am-6pm: Annex I

After Hours: 

  • TCS/TJS/UPN/UPS: TCS front desk
  •  VCS: VCS front desk
  •  MWH: MWH front desk
  •  MPH: MPH front desk

Please Note:

  • If you believe your arrival to campus will occur after 10pm, we recommend checking in the following day in order to maximize the assistance we can provide and to reduce community disruption in the evenings.
  • Access to buildings is granted by the SF State OneCard (Student ID). Students who have not received their OneCard may use the utility phone available next to the front door to call the Community Desk for assistance. 

Early Move-in for Special Groups:

For all buildings: Towers Community Desk - 798 Font Blvd, SF, CA 94132.

To help expedite the move-in process, students will need to log into the housing portal to start the check-in process. After completing the online form, students will be issued a 'Boarding Pass', which they will be required to show (either a printed copy or on their mobile device) at check-in on move-in day. Students may begin checking in online as soon as 5 days prior move-in day. 

For questions about the Express Check-in contact the student housing staff at

San Francisco State is partnering with the nation's largest professional student move-in company, University & Student Services (USS), to assist our residents on move-in day. Residents will be able to check out moving bins on the rooftop of the Lot 20 parking garage.

Please Note: Residents must provide their Student ID to check out a moving bin. IDs will be returned to residents when moving bins are returned to the Lot 20 rooftop. All moving bins must be returned within 2 hours.

Returning Residents 

(View Move-in Day Map [PDF])

  • Step 1: Resident checks in at their assigned location at UPN or UPS. (See above for location).
  • Step 2: Resident shows printed or mobile boarding pass to get checked in and obtain keys.
  • Step 3: Resident/Family/Friends drive to assigned address. Please Note: UPN and UPS parking may be available on public streets. All street posted signs are enforced by SFMTA (San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority). San Francisco State does not take responsibility for vehicles parked in violation of SFMTA street parking signage.

First-Time Residents 

(View Move-in Day Map [PDF])

  • Step 1: Start on North State Drive. 
  • Step 2: Vehicle drops resident off in front of the Annex 1 (See Move-in Day Map [PDF] or type Annex 1 San Francisco State University into Google Maps).
  • Step 3: Resident brings printed or mobile Boarding Pass inside Annex 1 to get checked in and to obtain keys.
  • Step 4: Family/friends move vehicle into Lot 20 parking garage and waits for resident. (See Move-in Day Map [PDF] or type parking garage San Francisco State University into Google Maps) and waits for resident. 
  • Step 5: Resident meets family/friends at Lot 20 parking garage to unload belongings.
  • Step 6: Resident finds a San Francisco State volunteer and University & Student Services (USS) staff member for move-in assistance and to obtain a moving bin.
  • Step 7: Resident/family/friends, San Francisco State volunteer and USS staff proceed to assigned building.
  • Step 8 Vehicle is moved to lot 25 for long term parking (See Move-in Day Map [PDF] or type Lot 25, Winston Drive, San Francisco into Google Maps).

Please Note:

  • Your provided placard must be placed on the dashboard with the resident's cell phone number visible.
  • Cars must be moved from the Lot 20 parking garage to Lot 25 for long term parking within 2 hours of the residents assigned move-in time.