Due to limited availability of housing for both incoming and returning students, some students will be placed on the waitlist after their License Agreement and the initial payment is received and processed. Housing will continue to place students from the waitlist into campus housing as spaces are made available via cancellations.


Once all available spaces have been assigned, students who have submitted the online application, License Agreement, and have paid the initial payment will be placed on the waitlist. The waitlist order is based on the date these items were received. If these items were received on different dates, the later date will be used.


Mid-June through the end of October.


There are six different waitlists:

  • Female Over 21
  • Female Under 21
  • Female Returning
  • Male Over 21
  • Male Under 21
  • Male Returning
  • Gender Nonconforming


Students will receive waitlist updates once a week starting in end of June. The updates will be sent via email to the student’s SF State email address and one alternate email specified by the student. Each update will indicate the applicant’s position on the waitlist. Please Note: There is no set timeframe for when the waitlist moves, so it is possible to get consecutive updates with no movement.


If a space becomes available prior to move-in in August, the Housing Office will send the applicant a reservation with room type information. Once the reservation is received, students will need to complete their move-in confirmation immediately if they choose to accept the space. Please Note: Since the waitlist movement is based on cancellations, the Housing Office cannot guarantee that applicants will receive a room type that matches their preferences.  

If a student declines a space or does not respond, the next person on the waitlist will be contacted. Depending on the size of the waitlist, a second or third attempt may be made to contact the applicant who previously declined. Students who decline more than three times, will be canceled and removed from the waitlist.

Please Note:

  • Students on the waitlist who have not received a reservation and assignment should not attend Move-In Day.
  • Housing does not maintain temporary or emergency housing spaces for students on the waitlist. Therefore, students should begin researching off-campus housing while they remain on the waitlist. 


The Student Housing Office will survey the housing community on Move-in Day to determine whether there are any spaces available due to 'no-shows'. If spaces become available, applicants on the waitlist will be contacted by email.

Students who are offered a space will be given a deadline by which to accept or decline the space. If the student accepts the offered space, a move-in date will be determined. The resident move-in cost and subsequent payments will be calculated based on the space and move-in date.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Student Housing Office is unable to predict the movement of the wait list. Spaces will be offered depending on cancellations.

If there are still applicants remaining on the waitlist when it closes in October, those students will be given the option to cancel or to ‘Spring Forward’ their application to be considered for a spring semester room assignment. Information on how to spring forward and application can be found on the ‘Spring Forward’ page.  

A student who is on the wait list and has not yet moved into housing does not have an active meal plan and will need to purchase individual meals or a voluntary meal plan if they’d like to use the residential dining facilities.

Please Note:

  • A voluntary meal plan can be purchased directly from our dining services partners, and any refund or credit of a voluntary meal plan is subject to their rules and regulations.
  • Meals remaining in a voluntary meal plan may not be refunded or credited if a student later receives on-campus housing with a meal plan included.
  • Students who are moved off the waitlist may be placed into a building where a meal plan is mandatory. 

Yes, for information regarding housing off-campus, please visit the ‘Off-campus Housing Resources’ page.

Students on the wait list may cancel at any time and receive a refund of their initial fee less the application fee. Upon receipt of the cancellation request, the University will return the funds in the form of a check made out to the applicant in approximately 3-4 weeks. If the student owes any fees to the University, the Bursar will deduct those fees prior to sending any remaining refund. For details on how to cancel your application visit the ‘Cancellation’ page.

No. Unfortunately, students who cancelled their housing application are not eligible to go back on the waitlist.  We recommend visiting our Off-campus Housing Resources page.


New Applicant Important Dates:

Returning Resident Important Dates: