Student Housing Application - FAQs


Will there be eligibility requirements to live in housing?

Yes. Visit the ‘Apply’ page for information on housing eligibility.

Which buildings are open?

To view the available buildings, visit our ‘Housing Options’ page. Please Note: Building availability may change in response to the pandemic and in accordance with San Francisco Department of Public Health guidelines.

I am a returning resident. What buildings am I eligible to live in?

Returning residents are eligible to apply to live in Manzanita Square, University Park North, and University Park South.

I am a resident in Manzanita Square. Can I apply to stay in the same room?

Yes, students in Manzanita Square who wish to keep the same room need to apply for housing by no later than March 31, 2022.  Please be aware, however, that if you are currently in a space designated for a ResLife staff member for 2022-2023, you may be re-assigned to another bedspace in Manzanita Square.

Will I be able to pick my room type/building?

Yes. You will be able to select your desired building and room type during the time of application from any housing options that are still available at the time of application. Please Note: In the event that a housing community closes due to COVID-19, your assignment may not correspond with your preferred building choices listed in your application.

Will I be able to pick my roommate/apartment-mate?

At this time, only returning residents have the ability to select one roommate.

Will I be sharing a room or will I receive my own room?

Student housing offers single, double, and triple occupancy options throughout the communities. All double and triple occupancy units will result in roommates and/or apartment-mates unless otherwise prohibited by the local public health authority. Single occupancy rooms are in high demand with limited availability.  Please refer to the License Agreement for further information regarding occupancy.

How much does housing cost?

Fee schedules for each housing community can be viewed on our ‘Current Fee Schedules’ page.

When will I know if I’ve received housing?

Reservations will be going out on an ongoing basis, starting in mid-April.

Can I change my room type after I received my reservation?

Room assignments changes will be minimal due to limited availability. Room change requests become available shortly after move-in.

Are meal plans required?

Participation in a meal plan is mandatory for all Licensees residing in:

  • Mary Ward Hall (MWH) or Mary Park Hall (MPH)
  • Towers Junior Suites (TJS)
  • Towers at Centennial Square (TCS)
  • Village at Centennial Square (VCS)

Residents at Manzanita Square and University Park South/North may purchase voluntary meal plans at

Can I change my meal plan?

Students can request a change of meal plan once a semester. The last day for students to request to lower or raise their meal plan is: 

  • Fall 2022 semester - August 29, 2022
  • Spring 2022 semester - February 6, 2023

For instructions on how to change a meal plan go to our 'Change a Meal Plan' page.

When is move-in and can I pick when I want to move-in?

Move-in is scheduled for mid-August. Assigned move-in dates and times will be announced in June or July. To provide the safest possible move-in process, students will be required to arrive at the assigned date and time.

Please Note:

  • Do not schedule your travel arrangements until you have received a reservation and your assigned move-in date and time.
  • Failure to arrive at your assigned date and time will result in a delay of your move-in process.

If I change my plans for fall, can I forward my application to spring?

Yes, you can forward your application to spring at any time up until move-in day.  To do so, send an email to the Housing Office at with your name, SF State ID #, and state your request to forward your application to spring.

Will I get a full refund if I cancel my application? When is the last day to cancel?

The $30 application fee is non-refundable. To receive a refund of the $370 initial payment, your housing application would need to be cancelled by:

  • July 15, 2022 | For reservations received prior to June 15, 2022
  • Within 30 days of receiving reservation | For reservations received on or after July 15, 2022

Please Note: Cancellations received after July 15th or less the 30 days prior to the license period may be subjected to additional charges.

What are other housing options?

Visit our 'Off-campus Resources' page for more information.