Self-selection FAQs

Self-Selection is an opportunity for returning residents to self-select a housing space.

It is the responsibility of the group leader to assign all residents within the roommate group to a space. Once the room selection time starts for that individual, the room selection page will be made viewable on the housing portal. If the group leader does not assign individuals to a space, those individuals will be able to access the page and assign themselves during their own timeslot.

You are allocated 15 minutes to select a space for you and/or your roommates.


The last day to add a roommate is April 17.  You can request a room change two weeks after move-in. 

The last day to make this change is on April 17.  You can request a room change two weeks after move-in. 

The 5th spot will be randomly filled by the Student Housing Office with a student of the same gender.

The total number of items available for selection for each apartment are the total number of rooms available. The number next to the bed icon indicates whether the room is single or double occupancy. 

If you do not select a space, you will be placed on a wait list. You will then be randomly placed when a space becomes available.

Apartments in the 225, 235, 245, 255, 265, 275, 285 and 295 building are high-rise units. All other building numbers are garden units.  Please note that there are no elevators provided in garden units.  

Unfurnished units will have the word “unfurnished” next to the unit number.

If you don’t see the unit you want, that means that it is no longer available. Student Housing encourages you to find another available unit. If there is no availability, you will be added to the wait list.

 You and your roommates will need to email the housing office at to request us to undo your selection.  Please note this can take up to 24 hours and will cause a delay in your selection process or there is a possibility you and your roommates will end up on the wait list. It is your responsibility to check to see when you are able to select the room(s) again.