Room Change Process

Roommate expectations and responsibilities are available in the Community Living StandardsIf a roommate conflict should arise and you would like to request a room change, follow the steps below.

Room Change Request Instructions

Please Note: The Room Change Request form will not be available on the Housing Portal until 2 weeks after the start of the semester. 

  • Log into the housing portal and select the 'Request a Room Change' button on the left side of the page.
  • On the 'Booking Selector' page, select your room assignment and then click 'Save & Continue'.
  • On the 'Welcome' page click 'Save & Continue', no information is needed on this page.
  • On the 'Room Change Request' page select the desired community and room type and provide a detailed reason for the room change request.
  • Enter your SF State ID Number and press 'Save & Continue'.