Move-out Guide


  • Personal vehicles must remain in designated campus public parking areas or on public streets during move-out. Any vehicle found on campus walking paths or within the housing community will be ticketed. 
  • To make your move easier, we recommend that you bring a dolly or hand truck to move your belongings to your vehicle.


COVID-19 Requirements During Move-out

For health and safety purposes, all residents are expected to follow the COVID-19 protocols set in place by University Housing during the move-out process by wearing a face covering at all times and managing your distance when around others.

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All other communities | May 27, 2023 by Noon

If you are transitioning to another space for the next academic year, you will be sent an email with transition instructions and dates.

STEP 1 | Prepare for your departure:

Pack your belongings and clean your room/apartment according to the Move-out Responsibilities on the right.

STEP 2 | Check-out of your space:

After you have removed all of your belongings from your apartment, proceed to your designated community desk to fill out an Express Checkout form and turn in all of your keys (including mailbox keys). Your room will be inspected after you have moved out.


  • Don't forget to turn off all lights, close all windows/blinds, leave the thermostat at 65 degrees, and lock all doors behind you as you leave. 
  • Failure to properly check out and turn in your keys will result in an improper check-out fee and a key replacement fee will be assessed to your account. **Do NOT return any of your keys by mail.**
  • Residents with parking passes should return them to the Student Housing Office drop box located at 800 Font Blvd.  Please Note:
    • The Student Housing Office is the only location that will accept your parking pass. **Do NOT return your parking pass to your community desk.**
    • Failure to return your parking pass will result in $100.00 charge.
    • Parking charges will be pro-rated once the parking permit is received by the Student Housing Office.

Once you’ve moved out of your apartment, be sure to update your address on your profile in SF State Gateway. Resident Services will not forward mail to your new address, so it’s important that you also contact your vendors to change your address and request mail forwarding from the United States Postal Service.

After updating your address on the Gateway, be sure to check your account for any outstanding housing fees. All students will be responsible for any damages or excessive cleaning needed for their room or apartment as well as any damaged or missing furniture, or missing keys.


  • Remove posters, wall hangings, decals, etc. as well as any hanging material (3M Command hooks, tape, hooks, etc. from walls and windows).
  • Move all furniture is back to the original configuration and ensure it is in working order.
  • Clean your room/apartment thoroughly.
  • Clean your refrigerator and dispose of all trash, recycling, and compost to designated areas.

Please Note:

  • University Housing is not responsible for any items left behind and will not ship/store any personal belongings.
  • Charges may be assessed based on type and extent of damage found in your unit.