Move-out 2020 FAQs

Q | What type of identification do I need to bring in order to enter my room and pack up my belongings?

A | Please bring your SF State student ID and/or any type of government issued ID.

Q | I already returned my keys. On the day that I signed up for, how will I be able to enter my room to pack up my belongings?

A | When you sign up for your check out appointment, you will need to indicate that you need your keys.  If you did not indicate that in your sign up, please email

Q | I am having technical difficulties selecting a time. It seems the website is not working for me. Who can I contact for technical support?

A | Email with sign-up difficulties. 

Q | I signed up for a date, but now I need to reschedule. How do I re-schedule?

A | Sign-Up Genius allows you to make changes to your appointment time up to 2 days prior to your appointment. If you are within that limit, you will need to cancel your appointment and select another available time. Unfortunately because we need time to pull keys and manage the occupancy within our halls, students must sign up with at least a 2-day notice.

Q | Where can I park when I come back to campus? Will I be ticketed?

A | You may park in any available parking locations open to the campus public or residents. Please do not park in red zones or other reserved parking spaces such at numbered carports at UPN or UPS. Please also remember to adhere to any city parking signage.

Q | I completely missed my sign-up time and day. Can I re-schedule?

A | You can re-schedule by canceling your initial selection, then selecting a day from those available.

Q | When I come back to campus on my confirmed time and date, am I allowed to stay overnight?

A | With prior approval only, residents will be allowed to stay overnight to pack their things belongings for up to a maximum of 72 hours. To request authorization to stay overnight, email the Student Housing Office at with your SF State ID number, unit information, and the date(s)/time(s) you'd like to stay.

Q | When I come back to campus on my confirmed time and date, am I allowed to still use my meal plan?

A | Meal plans were deactivate in accordance to the move-out date you reported on the Statement of Move-out form. Therefore, any meals via City Eats will not be covered through your meal plan. If you still like to visit the City Eats, take out is available and face coverings are required.

Q | Can I bring more than 2 people to help me move?

A | Due to the need for physical distancing, a resident cannot bring more than 2 people with them.  We need to limit the amount of people present in a room.

Q | I am coming alone. Will there be anyone to help me move my belongings?

A | There will be no assistance provided in an effort to limit exposure staff and other students.

Q | I cannot make any of the available times. What are my options?

A | Please email with the Subject line “Check-Out Appointment Availability” and we will assist in any way that we can.  Again, because of the need to physically distance our students, we cannot increase the occupancy in our buildings.