Living in the Residential Community

San Francisco State University has taken and will continue to take various measures to protect against exposure, however, those measures will not eliminate all risks of exposure to COVID-19. To further minimize risk, please review and comply with the prevention and screening protocols outlined below. View the COVID-19 page for more information.


  • WEAR A FACE COVERING | SF State continues to require face coverings to be worn indoors unless an individual is alone in an enclosed space with a door that can be closed. Face coverings are not required outdoors on campus. 
  • KEEP YOUR DISTANCE | In alignment with state and local health and CAL/OSHA guidance, physical distancing requirements have been lifted. This new guidance also removes capacity limits in campus spaces. Residents should continue to manage their distance when around others.
  • WASH YOUR HANDS | Wash your hands often with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 70 percent alcohol.
  • STAY HOME IF YOU’RE SICK | To minimize the risk of exposure to others, do not leave your home (except to get medical care) if you are sick. 


Residents are expected to be engaged daily with the University’s health declaration process and must demonstrate a health “green badge” to gain access to university facilities outside of their own residence apartment building. 


If you are feeling symptoms related to COVID-19, you should reach out to Student Health Services via phone at 415-338-1251 for advice or contact your primary care provider or urgent care via phone. 


Public areas (lobbies, elevators, laundry rooms, etc.) and high-touch areas (door knobs, elevator buttons, etc.) will be disinfected frequently by the University. We also recommend that you clean and disinfect any frequently touched objects and surfaces in your apartment.

At this time, external (nonaffiliated) visitors to the University and overnight guests are prohibited from in the residence halls or apartments. In addition, no more than one resident student visitor is acceptable at any one time.

Each community has 1-2 live-in student leaders, Resident Assistants (RA), who can assist you in connecting with other students, becoming more familiar with campus, managing conflicts, and helping you get through challenges throughout the semester. Your RA is one of the most important and valuable relationships you'll establish during your college journey. They will connect with you shortly after move-in.
Each community is also staffed with a team of professionals, such as Area Coordinators, who support our residents during their stay. You can connect with the ResLife professional team via the front desk of your community.


Daily | 10 PM—8 AM
Finals Week | 24 hours


A 24-Hour "Courtesy Hours" policy is in effect for all residential communities. Residents should limit any activity loud enough to disturb those nearby regardless of the time of


Delivered to your assigned mail box.


A notification will be sent to your SF State email when your package is ready for pick up.
Pick-up Locations:
MSQ | package lockers on the main floor
MWH, TCS, TJS, VCS | TCS front desk
UPN & UPS | delivered to your apartment or building by your mail carrier or package delivery service


MSQ | Near elevators or at the end of the hall
TCS | All floors near the elevators 
TJS | All floors at the end of the hall
UPN | Gardens: near the carports | High-rises: near the elevators
UPS | Near carports 
VCS | All floors near the elevators 


MSQ | Main level near front desk
TCS | 1st floor
TJS | 1st floor TCS
UPN | External building between 225 & 235 Buckingham Way
UPS | External buildings
VCS | 3rd Floor of Bldg. A/B & 2nd Floor of Bldg. C

Further residential policies, regulations, emergency procedures, and community information can be viewed in the Community Living Standards Guide, which will be available on both the Housing and Residential Life websites in the coming weeks.



24 Hour Front Desk
TCS | 796 Font Blvd. | (415) 405-9360
VCS | 750 Font Blvd. | (415) 405-8000
Student Leader on Duty | (415) 840-5672


24 Hour Front Desk
UPN | 295 Buckingham | (415) 566-1556
Student Leader on Duty | (415) 840-5959
24 Hour Front Desk
MSQ |2 Varela | (415) 338-0510
Student Leader on Duty | (415) 840-5856