If you lose your keys or lock yourself out, proceed to the Community Front Desk of your assigned building to request a temporary key. Proper ID will be required to confirm identification and occupancy.

Please note:

  • Temporary keys are loaned out for no more than 72 hours. If the temporary key is not returned within this timeframe, an automatic lock change may be initiated for security purposes and a $50 fee will be charged to the resident's account.
  • If the lock change is initiated, locks/keys to the resident's room and mailbox will be changed and all residents (where applicable) will be notified to pick up keys at the Resident Services Community Desk. ¬†
  • Residents are allowed ONE courtesy lockout per semester. Any subsequent lockouts will be deemed excessive and for safety reasons, may warrent a lock change at a cost of $50/lock change. Excessive lockouts may also require residents to verify possession of room keys and/or a meeting with the Area Coordinator for Resident Services.