Lost Keys & Lockouts

Your keys are valuable and you should make every effort to keep them secure and in your possession at all times. For your safety, lock your doors at all times. It is a violation of your License Agreement to duplicate and/or distribute your keys to others.


If you are locked out of your unit, you may check out a temporary key from your community front desk for up to 30 minutes. Proof of identity will be required before you will be provided access to your space.

Please Note:

  • If the temporary key is not returned to the desk within the 30 minute time frame, an automatic lock change may be initiated for security purposes and you will be charged a lock change fee.
  • When locked out, you will be assisted within a time frame that is reasonably possible, but you may need to wait for available staff. 
  • Residents are provided ONE [1] courtesy lockout per academic year. Residents who request an excessive number of temporary keys may be required to verify possession of keys and meet with ResLife staff due to the increased security risk. 

Lost Keys & Lock Changes

If you lose your key(s), visit your community front desk to request a lock change. This is a mandatory action that will ensure the security of our community.

FEES* | Lock change $50 | Additional key $5-$50 
*Fees are determined on a case-by-case basis and key cost varies by type.