Housing Lock Changes FAQs (Updated 1/21/2020)

See below for FAQs regarding housing lock changes.

What buildings are affected?

  • Mary Park
  • Mary Ward
  • Towers at Centennial Square
  • Towers Jr. Suites
  • Village A, B and C
  • University Park North
  • University Park South

Are the lost keys identifiable?

No, the keys have no verifiable markings that would link them back to the University or any specific door.

What are you doing to increase security?

A 24-hour security service has been initiated, making a security officer available at each affected building. UPD has also increased patrols in the vicinity of the affected residence halls and apartments. In addition, perimeter doors to buildings will be rekeyed immediately as an additional step to enhance security.

Will my locks be changed?

Yes, building perimeter locks, common areas, as well as residential apartment doors will be rekeyed. Sequence for rekeying has been established as follows:

  • Building Perimeter Doors & University Park South 
  • Mary Park Hall & Mary Ward Hall
  • Village A, B, and C
  • Towers at Centennial Square and Towers Jr. Suites
  • University Park North Gardens & High Rises

When will my locks be changed?

  • Building perimeter locks will be changed as of Thursday, December 26 with the exception of main entry doors.
  • University Park South residents: rekeyed Friday, December 27.
  • Mary Park: estimated Saturday, December 28.
  • Mary Ward: estimated Sunday, December 29.
  • Village: estimated Monday, December 30.
  • Towers: estimated Tuesday, December 31.
  • University Park North Garden residents: estimated rekey date is Friday, January 3.
  • University Park North High Rise residents: anticipated start for rekeying for 225-235 Buckingham Way is Saturday, January 11. The anticipated start for rekeying for 255-265 Buckingham Way is Sunday, January 12.

Please note: dates are subject to change.

Will you need access to my unit to change the locks?

Yes, we will need access to your unit in order to replace front and/or back doors. For residents with animals, we will make every effort to inform you of a specific schedule. If you have concerns regarding the interactions between your animal and our facilities team, please contact us in advance.

How and when will I get my new keys?

For Student Housing Residents: 

Mary Park Hall, Mary Ward Hall, Village @ Centennial Square, Towers @ Centennial Square, and Towers Junior Suites: Keys for  are now available at the Towers Front Desk located at 796 State Drive.

University Park South: Starting on Friday, December 27, 2019, keys for the University Park South community will be available at the Towers Front Desk located at 796 State Drive.

University Park North garden units: Keys will be available starting Thursday, January 2 at 8 AM at the 295 Buckingham Way office. 

University Park North high-rises: Keys will be available starting Wednesday, January 8 at 8 AM at the 295 Buckingham Way office.

If you wish to verify that keys are available for pick up, please contact the front desk at 415-405-9360. We will send notices with more specific information directly to affected residents at least 24 hours prior to lock changes in your community.

For Employee & Family Housing Residents:

All residents with Employee and Family Housing can pick-up their keys from 9 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday at the EFH Office located at 796 State Drive.  Residents can also make an appointment by contacting the office at (415) 405-4000 or via email at employee_housing@sfsu.edu

What should I do if I arrive outside of the key pick up hours and my locks have been changed?

Please make an effort to arrive during the listed times above for key pick up. In case of emergency key pick up after the listed hours, please call (415) 405-9360 to request.

Who can pick up keys?

Only residents listed in the current license agreement will be eligible to pick up keys. Each resident must pick up and sign off for their individual keys and cannot pick up another household members’ keys. Identification will be required for key pick up.

How do I report a security concern?

For emergencies, contact the University Police Department at (415) 338-2222.

Where can I direct further questions?

At this time, if it is an emergency, please contact the University Police Department.