Future Residents

Cover of the housing brochure


We are delighted that you are considering the San Francisco State Residential Community as your home while attending at the University. Our highest priority is to provide a safe and supportive living environment that fosters personal development and promotes academic success. To learn more about housing, view our housing brochure.

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The many benefits of living on campus will help you make a smooth transition to college life and provide you with a greater overall satisfaction with your college experience.


Academic Success

Living on campus provides a supportive environment and access to resources that will enhance your overall success as pursue your academic interests. In fact, studies show that:

  • On average, freshmen who live on campus have a 10% higher GPA and greater success in college than those who live off campus.
  • Students that live on campus are able to take more units each semester and have a 58% higher 4-year graduation rate.

Value & Convenience

When you live on campus, you won’t have extra expenses like utilties, meals, or furniture and you’ll have access to services and resources that you may not have with off-campus housing. Plus with classes, the library, bookstore, and other campus resources only steps away, you’ll not only save on transportation expenses, but you’ll spend less in a car or on public transportation and have more time for classes, studying, socializing or relaxing. 

Community & Support

The value of living on campus extends beyond your financial savings. Our residential communities have a network of support staff who work to ensure that your on-campus living environment supports your collegiate endeavors and your life outside of the classroom. Plus, with access to organizations, activities, and programs that foster student learning, professional development, and personal growth, your experiences along with the friendships you’ll make will be priceless.