Meal Plans

Information on this page is subject to change.

Meal Plan Requirements

Participation in a meal plan is mandatory for all Licensees residing in the Residence Halls (Mary Ward and Mary Park Halls), Towers at Centennial Square Jr. Suites, Towers at Centennial Square Apartments, and the Village at Centennial Square.

Students are required to choose a minimum of a 240 Block Meal Plan. Students residing in the Licensees who do not choose a meal plan on the License Agreement or who move out of a community where a meal plan is not mandatory will be defaulted to the lowest available meal plan.

Participation in a meal plan is voluntary for Licensees residing in University Park North and University Park South. Voluntary meal plans are purchased directly from the Residential Dining Services vendor and are not subject to the Student License Terms and Conditions.

For complete information about your residential dining program, please visit our dining partners, Sodexo (link leads to non-SF State website).


Meal Plan Options

A maximum of 19 meal periods are available per week. A meal plan is defined as the number of meals available to the Licensee during a week of meal service. There are 4 meal plan options.

  • Continuous plans:
    • 7-Day: This meal plan allows residents to eat in any of the three dining areas for any and all meals, Monday through Sunday. Available to all residents. 8 guest passes included.
    • 5-Day: This meal plan allows residents to eat in any of the three dining areas for any and all meals, Monday through Friday. Available to all residents. 4 guest passes included.
  •  Block plans – these plans are PER SEMESTER and reset in the Spring
    • 336: Approximately equal to 19 meals per week. Available to all residents.
    • 240: Approximately equal to 15 meals per week. Available to all residents.

Meal plans may be used at City Eats Dining Center, Café in the Park and Bricks. Meals that go unredeemed are non-refundable. Gator Dollars, which are not part of these meal plans and may voluntarily be added through the One Card office, may be used at all three locations. Meals are non-transferrable.


Changing Your Meal Plan

Requests to decrease meal plan choices to any other lower meal plan may only be made until Monday, January 29, 2018 in Spring Semester. Requests to increase meal plan choices to any other higher meal plan may be made at any time during the academic year. Licensee billing statement will be adjusted to reflect any changes in meal plan. Requests to increase or decrease meal plan choices are limited to once per semester.

In order to request a change of meal plan, the Licensee must submit a "Meal Plan Change" via the Housing Portal.

Notes: Students changing from a 5-day to 7-day meal plan will not receive an increase in guest passes. When changing from a Continuous to Block meal plan, student will be charged pro-rated amount for Continuous and then full amount for Block.


Gator Dollars

Gator Dollars are the University currency. Gator Dollars work just like cash at residential dining facilities. You can use them to buy additional meals or to invite guests. Gator Dollars are not provided by Housing as part of the meal plan. Gator Dollars can be added on the OneCard website.