Intent to Vacate Request Process

Your Housing License Agreement is for the entire academic year. In order to gain approval for a license cancellation, you will need to give 30-days notice by completing the 'Intent to Vacate' form a AND meet one of the following criteria to be approved for cancellation:

  • End of Student status
  • Marriage or Domestic Partnership
  • Hardship or extraordinary circumstances

For detailed information and conditions under which you may be eligible to terminate your contract, please consult your Student Housing License Agreement Terms and Conditions, Part 1, section X and XI Canncelation By Licensee Prior and During the Fee Period.

How to Complete the Intent to Vacate Form:

  1. Log in to the housing portal.
  2. Select the 'Intent to Vacate' link at the top of the page.
  3. On the 'Booking Selector' page, select your room assignment and then press 'Save & Continue'.
  4. On the 'Welcome' page press 'Save & Continue', no information is needed on this page.
  5. On the 'Intent to Vacate Information' page select the desired Move-Out date and enter a detailed explanation for the desire to vacate.
  6. Enter your SFSU ID number and press 'Save & Continue'.

Please note: If your Intent to Vacate notice has been denied and you still choose to move, you may be required to pay full fees for the entire academic year as required by the License Agreement.

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