Move-in FAQs

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Students have been assigned a time to move in, but it is not mandatory to move in during this time. Students may move in after regular move-in hours or on a later date. Those that plan to move in after classes begin should notify the Housing Office via email at

International, Graduate and Student Athletes are sometimes required to move in early. If you are not in one of these groups, but would like to move in early, please log into the housing portal and click on “Early Move-In”.

The Express Check-in Process allows students to speed up the check-in process by checking in partially online through the housing portal. After completing the online form, students will be issued a 'Boarding Pass', which they will be required to show (either a printed copy or on their mobile device) at check-in on their assigned Move-in day. Students may begin checking in online as soon as 5 days prior to that date.

For questions about the online Express Check-in process view the 'Move-in Process' page or contact the student housing staff at

Please see the campus Parking and Transportation website for directions and general parking information. Parking in the Stonestown Galleria Mall is prohibited and all vehicles will be towed.

For long term parking students and families will be able to use Parking Lot 25 free of charge on assigned move-In days only.

Returning Residents Map [PDF] - August 23rd Move-in

First-Time Residents Map [PDF] - August 24th Move-in


San Francisco State is partnering with the nation's largest professional student move-in company, University & Student Services (USS), to assist our students on move-in day.  Professional moving bins will be available on the top floor of Parking Garage 20. 

Please Note: Students must provide their Student ID in order to check out a bin. Students can retrieve their IDs when they return their bin to the same location (must be within 2 hours).

San Francisco State volunteers and University & Student Services (USS) staff will be available on assigned move-in days to assist parents and students unload belongings. 

Unfortunately, there is not have enough space on the campus grounds to accommodate storage containers. 

Please do not have your items arrive before you do. We are unable to store items for students who have not checked in. You should arrange for packages and other mail to begin arriving after move-in day.

Move-in Day Office Hours:

Regular Office Hours:
9am-5pm Monday through Friday

Housing requires that students have their San Francisco State ID card (OneCard) at the time of check-in to expedite the process. If you do not have your ID card on your assigned move-in day you can pick it up from the OneCard office or provide a State identification card when checking in.  

OneCard Move-in Day Office Hours:

Regular OneCard Office Hours:
9am-5pm Monday through Friday

OneCard office location:
Student Services Bldg. (SSB), Room 103

More information about SF State ID cards can be found at the OneCard website.

Meal plans included in the License Agreement will be activated the morning of your assigned move-in day. Dinner is available for purchase for family and friends on move-in day. 

Move-in Meals: 

All meals are offered at City Eats unless otherwise noted. 

August 23rd & 24th 

  • Continental Breakfast: 8am—10am
  • Lunch: 1am—2pm
  • Dinner: 5pm—8pm

Saturday, August 25th

  • Brunch: 10am—11am
  • Taste of SF (West Campus Green): Noon—2pm
  • Carnival (West Campus Green): 5:30pm

Sunday, August 26th 

  • Brunch: 10am—2pm
  • Afternoon Meal: 2pm—5pm
  • Dinner: 5pm—8pm

All mail should be addressed to the resident's legal name and include the last 5 digits of their San Francisco State ID #.

Mary Ward Hall
800 Font Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94132

Mary Park Hall
800 Font Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94132

Towers at Centennial Square Jr. Suites
798 Font Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94132

Towers at Centennial Square Apartments
796 Font Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94132

Village at Centennial Square
750 Font Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94132

University Park North and South
Use address given in room assignment. All addresses will be in San Francisco, CA 94132

This information will become available within a week or two before move-in day.

Proceed to the Community Front Desk of your assigned building to request a temporary key. Proper ID will be required to confirm identification and occupancy.

Please note:

  • Temporary keys are loaned out for no more than 72 hours. If the temporary key is not returned within this timeframe, an automatic lock change may be initiated for security purposes and a $50 fee will be charged to the resident's account.
  • If the lock change is initiated, locks/keys to the resident's room and mailbox will be changed and all residents (where applicable) will be notified to pick up keys at the Resident Services Community Desk.  
  • Residents are allowed ONE courtesy lockout per semester. Any subsequent lockouts will be deemed excessive and for safety reasons, may warrent a lock change at a cost of $50/lock change. Excessive lockouts may also require residents to verify possession of room keys and/or a meeting with the Area Coordinator for Resident Services.

Driver Asking For Parking Information on Move-in Day

Dates & Deadlines

Academic Year 2019/2020

Date Action
February 18, 2019 2019 – 2020 Housing Application opens for returning residents
April 19, 2019 2019 – 2020 Housing Application closes for returning residents. 
April 29 – May 3, 2019 Self-selection for returning residents
Mid May, 2019 Confirmation emails sent
May 29, 2019 Fall 2019 wait list begins