Returning Resident Process


Current University Housing residents have the option to participate in The Returning Resident process. This process allows current residents to request shared apartment spaces at University Park North (UPN) and South (UPS) for the academic year 2018-2019. For details on the types and size of units available to University Housing residents visit the online amenities description pages for UPN and UPS.


Returning Resident Process

The returning resident renewal process is for current SF housing residents who want to return in academic year 2018-2019.


Step 1: License Agreement and Initial Payment (February 15 to April 22, 2018)

The returning resident license agreement and initial payment will be available beginning at 9 AM PST Thursday, February 15, 2018 until 5 PM PST on Sunday, April 22, 2018. Residents will be able to complete the License Agreement and make a payment at any time during this period.


Renewal Instructions

Log into the SF State Housing Portal during the renewal period and complete the 2018-2019 academic year license agreement. The resident will be directed through multiple pages of the license agreement and roommate group process. The resident's license agreement will only be considered complete when they finish all pages and click on the "Submit License Agreement" button. Once complete, the resident will automatically be directed to the Initial Payment page. The Initial payment is $300.00. It can be made by credit card (2.75% fee) or e-Check online or by check in the Housing Office.

Specific instructions for completing the license agreement and paying the $300.00 initial payment will be available on the Housing Payments of the housing web site.


Renewal Priority

Every current resident who completes the license agreement and makes the initial payment before the April 22 deadline will be given specific priorities based on:

  • The priority level as described in the chart below. Each resident will be placed into a level based on the descriptions below.
  • The priority date and time based on the date and time they have submitted the initial payment and completed their license agreement.
Priority Level Description Possible Numbers
Level 1 High Achievers-based on GPA and residential community involvement. 1-400
Level 2 Current first year Freshman residents. 400-1000
Level 3 Residents second year and above (SO, JR, SR, Grads) 1000-1200


Step 2: Roommate Groups (February 15 to April 22, 2018)

Once the License Agreement pages are completed, the portal should prompt you to complete the Create a Roommate Profile and Search for Roommates pages. On the Search for Roommates page, current residents have the opportunity to select who they want to live with prior to going through the remainder of the process by creating a group. A roommate group can consist of two (2) to five (5) residents. Creating a roommate group is not required.

Groups must be registered in the SF Housing Portal during the license agreement renewal period of February 15 to April 22.


Roommate Group Instructions

Once a roommate group is determined, a group leader needs to be selected for Step 3: Room Self Selection. We recommend that this is the individual with the earliest timeslot and who is able to be responsible for selecting the rooms during Step 3: Room Self-Selection. All group members are encouraged to discuss potential situations that could impact a group leader's decisions while going through the sign up process: this could range from floor plan, building preference and what to do if housing is not available for the entire group.

During the roommate group availability period, pages will be made viewable on license agreement renewal screens. When the first roommate creates the group, the rest of the group members are able to search and join the roommate group. Once all group members have joined, each member must confirm and verify each other. Unverified groups will not be accepted. Group names are viewable to University Housing staff and should be polite/appropriate names.

Group roommates must have completed their license agreement and paid the initial $300.00 payment in order to be invited to Step 3 Room Self Selection. The earlier the date of completion of the license agreement and initial payment by the group leader, the best chances to get an earlier self-selection time slot for the roommate group.


Step 3: Room Self-Selection from April 30 to May 4

Prior to the start of room self-selection, residents will be notified via email if they may participate in the room selection process based on their given time slot. Residents who completed their license agreement and made their initial payment will be given a room selection time based on the Priority Levels and the License Agreement and Initial Payment completion dates. At this point in time, the group leader should be chosen among the group. The room selection time is the date and time applicants will be able to select their room or apartment as a group leader.


Room Self-Selection Instructions

Once the individual resident or group's room selection time starts, the room selection management page will be made viewable on the resident's portal. It is the responsibility of the group leader to assign all residents within the roommate group to a space. If the group leader does not assign individuals to a space, those individuals will be able to access the page and assign themselves. Residents are not assigned to a space until the group leader and each individual confirm their space selected by the group leader.

Specific instructions for selecting a space will be made available on the SF State Housing web site prior to, and during, the sign up period. UP townhomes and/or tower apartment units if selected may appear as full during an individual or group's time slot, in which case the resident will be asked to click on multiple units and addresses.

The room combination options for roommates are below:

University Park South:

  • 1 double occupancy room (2 residents)
  • 1 double occupancy room and 1 single occupancy room (3 residents)
  • 2 double occupancy room and 1 single occupancy rooms (5 residents)

University Park North:

  • 1 double occupancy room (2 residents)
  • 1 double occupancy room and 1 single occupancy room (3 residents)
  • 2 double occupancy rooms and 1 single occupancy room (5 residents)


Step 4: Wait List Starts May 29

If rooms or apartments are not available based on the group's priority or there are no rooms or apartments available in University Housing by the time of the assigned self-selection process, residents will receive an email notifying them they have been placed on the waitlist.


Returning Resident Process FAQ

What is Returning Resident Process?

Returning Resident Process is the process that allows current SF State Housing residents to select their apartment space and roommate (s) for the upcoming academic year. Residents must complete the online License Agreement, make the Initial payment and participate in the room self-selection to be eligible for renewal.


Is it guaranteed?

Returning Resident process is not guaranteed. Available spaces are included in the self-selection process and selection times are provided based on Priority Levels and completion date of the online license agreement and $300 initial payment.


How does it work?

Please see the renewal and step sections of this webpage for further information.


When do I participate in License Agreement and Initial payment renewal?

Renewal takes place 9 AM PST on Thursday, February 15, 2018 until 5 PM PST on Sunday, April 22, 2018. The room self-selection process takes place Monday, April 30 to Friday, May 4 at 4 PM PST.


How do I make my initial payment of $300.00?

  1. Log on to your SF State Gateway
  2. Click on “Financial/ Jobs” under the Student Heading
  3. Click on “Student Center”
  4. In the center of the next page in the “Finances” section, click on “Make a Payment”
  5. In the “Your Account” section, click on “Click here to make a payment.” You may see that you currently do not owe anything to the university. You may see that you currently do not owe anything to the University. Please ignore that and click on “Click here to make a payment.”
  6. Choose the item that says, “Initial Payment”
  7. Follow the directions on the page to complete your payment.

Visit the Housing Payments page for alternatives ways to submit the initial payment.


Are there any priorities for the Returning Resident Process?

Current high Achievers based on GPAs and residential community involvement residents have first priority to select spaces and roommate(s) for the 2018-2019 academic year. Second priority is for current first year freshman residents who are not included in the first priority group. Third priority is for current residents who are second year and above such as Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and Grad students.


Why is the Returning Resident Process based on priority groups?

Priority for self-selection has been established to align with the University's student retention and degree completion efforts.


How does the online License Agreement work?

Residents will access the License Agreement on the SF State Housing Portal. To log in, use your SF State ID and password, just like when you register for classes or check grades.

Once you have signed in, choose "Application" at the top of the page. Then, on the Term Selector page, choose "Housing Year 2018-2019" to get started. Each page will have directions for what to do on that page. Pages can be revisited until 5 PM on April 22. After April 22, changes will need to be emailed to the Housing Office.

Please note that several steps require that you read information in a different tab or window and then return to the portal to acknowledge you have received that information. The additional information will be available on the Housing website even after the portal closes on April 22.


What happens when I go on a waitlist?

If you are put on the waitlist, your original priority number will be used for assignments after room self-selection. Room assignments are not guaranteed and are made if space becomes available at a later date. Residents will be confirmed from the wait list as other returning residents cancel their space reservation. A high number of cancellations is received throughout the summer months so being on the wait list does not equate to not receiving a housing space for the upcoming academic year.


What are my chances at receiving housing if I go through the self-selection process?

Housing availability is dependent upon the number of residents who participate in the renewal and self-selection process. Housing is not guaranteed for those who participate in the process.


Will I be able to choose my roommates if I participate in the self-selection process?

Group leader selection is based on their priority level and License Agreement and $300 Initial Payment completion date. The group leader will be responsible for selecting all rooms for the roommate group. If the group leader does not place you in a space, you will be able to assign yourself. Depending on your group's selection time, a space for all of you may not be available and you will need to select from the remaining available spaces. Prospective roommates have to confirm the group leader selection at their selection time slot.


What happens if I miss my time slot?

If you miss your timeslot your chances of receiving a space is lower. You might not get your preferences and might end up on a waitlist.


I haven't heard anything about my self-selection time slot after I completed my license agreement and made my $300 Initial Payment. What should I do?

All updates will be sent to your SF State University email account. If you have not received any communication and believe you should have, please contact


When will I have a definitive answer on whether or not I will receive housing?

Residents who participate in room self-selection and choose a space will receive a housing confirmation after May 15, 2018.


What should I do if I did not receive a housing confirmation after May 29?

This means you are on the wait list. While on the waitlist, we encourage you to seek off-campus housing. As we receive cancellations throughout the summer students on the waitlist will receive housing offers based on their wait list number.


What can I do if I did not get the roommates I requested?

Your License Agreement preferences and roommate group selections are not guaranteed. The Returning Resident Process does not allow returning residents to live with new upcoming academic year residents. We recommend seeking room changes two weeks after the beginning of the Fall semester if you are not compatible with your roommate.


How do I cancel my Returning Resident License Agreement?

You can cancel by emailing the Housing Office at with the following information:

  1. Full name and SF State ID #
  2. Statement of cancellation

If you cancel before making the $300 Initial Payment (by April 22), you may cancel at any time with no penalty.

If you have been confirmed for a space for the upcoming academic year and cancel with 30 or more days of notice before the Fall 2018 move-in date (August 23, 2018), you will receive a full refund.

If you have been confirmed for a space and cancel with less than 30 days of notice before the Fall 2018 Move-In (August 23, 2018), you will be charged a prorated notice charge based on the date of cancellation of your assigned space.

If you are on the wait list, you may cancel at any time, including after classes begin, with no penalty.


Are there any fees associated with the License Agreement renewal or self-selection processes?

There are no application fees associated with the renewal or self-selection. Residents who wish to reside on campus must complete the License Agreement renewal online, pay the $300 Initial Payment and participate in the self-selection at their assigned time slot.


Is the $300 initial payment refundable if I do not receive housing?

If you are on the wait list and are not confirmed for a space you may cancel at any time, including after classes begin, with no penalty.

If you have been confirmed for a space and cancel with less than 30 days of notice before the Fall 2018 Move-In (August 23, 2018), you will be charged a prorated notice charge based on the date of cancellation of your assigned space.


How do I pick my roommates?

The Create Your Profile page allows you to create a profile and add a description of yourself. The description you provide will be used in the roommate selection process.

You must check the box for the section "include in search" if you wish to be included in the roommate searching process. If you do not check the box, you will not be considered for the roommate searching process.

After creating your profile and checking the box, you are eligible to search for roommates within the 3 criteria:

  • Search by Details- by entering their details
  • Search by Profile Questions- by selecting profile questions
  • Search by Matching Roommates- by searching roommates who match by profile information