New Applicant Process

The SF State Housing application and License Agreement for 2018-2019 Academic Year is available as of 9am, March 1, 2018 for prospective first-time residents.

Students need to apply for the University before applying for Housing, as the SF State ID number and password are required to access the online Housing portal.

Students will be emailed their SF State ID number after completing their University application on Cal State Apply. After creating a password, applicants can use the ID and password to apply for Housing. Questions about the ID number and password creation should be referred to the University Registrar’s Office at

*Please note:

  • Students must wait 24 hours after they receive their student identification number to apply for Housing.
  • Students must apply to the University in order to receive their student identification number, however, students do not have to be admitted to SF State in order to apply to the Housing program.

If you have received an ID number and successfully created a password, and still have problems accessing the Housing application, please contact the Housing Office at with your full name, SF State ID number, and a description of the problem.

Please note current residents will be included in the Returning Resident Process starting in February 2018 and do not need to reapply through the new student process.


2018-2019 New Student Application Process Schedule

Please note that this tentative schedule is subject to change.

  • March 1, 2018: Application and License Agreement available to new students
  • March 1 – March 31: Priority License Agreement and Initial Payment period
  • May 15, 2018: Fall 2018 Application and License Agreement close to all students
  • April – May 2018: Students receive space confirmations by email
  • June – October 2018: Wait List updates
  • Late July 2018: Confirmed residents receive their room and roommate assignments by email
  • Late August 2018: Fall 2018 Move-In Day


The Four Steps to Housing

Step 1: Application and License Agreement
Step 2: Payment
Step 3: Confirmation
Step 4: Assignment

Step 1: Application and License Agreement

On-campus housing at SF State is limited and in high demand. Living on campus is not a university requirement and is not guaranteed. Spaces are assigned on a first-come, first served basis. The Housing Office highly recommends SF State students submit their housing application as soon as they have a student ID number and the housing portal opens. Students are encouraged to apply for housing before April 2018 to increase their chances of obtaining a space and avoid being on a waiting list for Fall 2018.

The priority deadline period to apply for housing is March 1, 2018 to March 31, 2018. The housing application final deadline for Fall 2018 is May 15, 2018. Students must have their student identification number (SF State ID) in order to apply for housing. ID numbers are given out after student has applied to the University.

The date the License Agreement and initial payment are completed is the LICENSE AGREEMENT RECEIVED date.

If you choose to cancel your Housing application, $270 of your initial payment is refundable.

The License Agreement Terms and Conditions is a legal agreement that students or the guardians of minors are required to enter with the Trustees of the California State University on behalf of SF State as a part of our housing application process. This agreement details dates of occupancy, cancellation procedures, financial obligations, fee payments, and facility rules and regulations.

Housing applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, completing the housing application pages, agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the 2018-2019 License Agreement and making the initial payment as soon as possible will increase your probability of receiving a housing space.

The date the License Agreement and initial payment are completed is the LICENSE AGREEMENT RECEIVED date.

The Priority deadline for completing the housing application is March 31, 2018. All pages of the housing application must be completed, the License Agreement must be signed and the initial payment of $300 must be received by the Housing Business office for your application to be considered completed. Students may continue to apply during the month of April and until the application closes on May 15, 2018, however, it is much more likely that the applicant will start out on the wait list.

Please note that students who apply and pay during the priority dates may start on the wait list depending on the volume of completed applications that we receive.

To continue on to the Housing application please click here.

Step 2: Payment

For your Housing application to be considered you must sign the 2018-2019 License Agreement, complete each page of the application and pay the $300 initial payment.

The $300 initial payment is made up of the $200 security deposit, $30 nonrefundable application fee, the $30 activity fee, and the $40 installment fee.

Students may cancel their housing application before they are assigned a bed space and receive a refund of $270. Students that are confirmed for a bed space can receive a refund of $270 as long as their cancellation request is submitted 30 days before Move-In Day.

Step 3: Confirmation

SF State Housing will be confirming applicants for Housing spaces on a first-come, first-served basis. This order is determined by the dates that we receive the signed License Agreement and the $300 initial payment. Students who complete their application between March and April are generally more likely to receive a space confirmation before April 30, 2018.

SF State Housing will begin to send confirmations via email in April 2018.

Wait list

Please note that it is possible to complete the application and License Agreement relatively early and still be placed on the wait list, as Housing is filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

If housing is full when your application is completed, you may not receive any formal notification from the SF State Housing Business Office until we begin sending Wait List notifications in June.

Wait List notifications are sent twice a week from June through October 31. During the Summer, Wait List movement is based on the number of cancellations we receive and our enrollment verification. Once the semester begins, Wait List movement is gradual, as we have met the capacity of our facilities, and is mainly driven by residents moving out of our communities.

If you are still on our Wait List and have not received a bed space confirmation by October 31, 2018, you will be offered the opportunity to be considered for Spring housing. Participating in Spring Forward allows you to keep your original application date and you will be offered housing vacancies before students who are applying for the first time. Your request to Spring Forward must be submitted in writing and you will be required to complete a new License Agreement for Spring 2019.

For more detailed information on the SF State Housing wait list please click here.

Step 4: Assignment

Specific space assignment and roommate information will be emailed to the license holder in early August 2018. The email will include the assigned building and room number, roommate names and email addresses, and information about Move-In Day.

Please note that a valid SF State ID number is needed to access the SF State Housing Portal and apply for Housing. If you have applied for the University but have not yet received an ID number, or do not know what it is, please visit the SF State ID Lookup page. If you have not created, or have forgotten, your SF State password, you can create or reset it at SF State Password page.

If you have your SF State ID number and password and still have problems with accessing the online application, please contact the SF State Housing Office at 415-338-1067 or

To continue on to the Housing application please click here.