Housing Payments

Paying for Housing

Please see Fee Schedule for Housing Costs (pdf format, Adobe Acrobat required).

Because the SF State Housing process for new students is first-come, first-served, it is highly recommended that prospective students complete the application, license agreement and make the $300 initial payment as soon as possible after applying to the University. Applicants do not need to wait for an Admissions decision or Financial Aid Award Offer before completing the housing application, License Agreement and making the initial payment.

Application, License Agreement and Initial Payment
Financial Aid
Installment Payments
Methods of Payment

Application, License Agreement and $300 Initial Payment

All prospective residents, including returning residents, must pay the $300 Initial Payment in order for their License Agreement to be processed. The $300 Initial Payment is not covered by fall Financial Aid.

Included in the $300 Initial Payment is the $30 Housing application fee (not-refundable), which is separate from the Admissions application fee. Unlike the Admissions application fee, there is no fee waiver available for the Housing application fee. All applicants must pay the $30 to begin the Housing process. The $30 Housing application fee is nonrefundable.

Make sure to see the New Applicant FAQ’s for dates and deadlines.

Because the SF State Housing process for new students is first-come, first-served, it is highly recommended that prospective students complete the License Agreement and pay the $300 Initial Payment as soon as possible when it becomes available in March. Applicants do not need to wait for an Admissions decision or Financial Aid award letter before completing the License Agreement.

Please note that historically, by mid-April SF State housing has received enough applications and License Agreements to begin a tentative wait list. Therefore, it is highly recommended that applicants complete the License Agreement, including the $300 Initial Payment, as soon as possible when it becomes available in March.

Cancellation information: The Housing Office requires a written cancellation 30 days or more before move-in, for a $270 refund of the initial payment. Notice of less than 30 days will result in a partial refund depending on the date of cancellation. The $30 application fee included in the $300 initial payment is not refundable.

Returning Residents must also pay the $300 Initial Payment; no portion of previous initial payments will roll over, and it is still not covered by Financial Aid. Returners must complete the License Agreement and initial payment in the timeline given in the Returning Resident Process.

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Financial Aid

Because Housing and Financial Aid operate on slightly different timelines, it can be difficult to determine how much financial aid might go toward a resident’s charges. Applicants should not assume that financial aid will cover Housing costs. Housing encourages applicants to review the Housing Fee Schedule throughout the Admissions, Housing, and Financial Aid processes.

SF State Office of Student Financial Aid will begin sending Financial Aid information to students in April, based on the date that the student submitted their FAFSA application and completed their “To Do List” requirements. View your “To Do List” on your SF State Gateway to ensure that your Scheduled Financial Aid Net Disbursement will be disbursed. Failure to complete your “To Do List” can result in a delay of a financial aid disbursement, and late fees for housing installment charges.

Scheduled Disbursement

Each semester, Financial Aid will attempt to pay TAF – Tuition and Fees first, any balance from the disbursement will be applied to other university charges; such as, HSG Room Installment, HSG Meal Installment per semester.

First-Time Borrowers

Students who have accepted a federal Perkins loan or federal Direct loan (subsidized or unsubsidized), must complete their “To Do List” including the first-time borrowers Master Promissory Note and Entrance Loan Counseling. Refer to your SF State Gateway to ensure that your loans disburse.

Parent PLUS Loan Program

If a student accepts the Parent PLUS loan as part of the Financial Aid award offered, a parent must be approved for the Parent PLUS loan via the Department of Education starting July 1. We suggest the parent with the best credit history apply for the loan. If denied, the parent can obtain an endorser. If an endorser cannot be secured, the student can request additional unsubsidized loan in writing at the Office of Student Financial Aid. Parent must follow all subsequent steps to ensure that the parent loan disburses. Refer to the “To Do List” found on the SF State Gateway to ensure that the Parent PLUS loan disburses.

Non-Eligible Fees – Financial Aid Will Not Pay

Some charges included in the Housing costs are not Financial Aid eligible, meaning that at no time will Financial Aid funds cover these charges directly. These include the housing application fee, security deposit, the housing activity fee and the housing installment fee, which are all included in the $300 Initial Payment. Other charges not Financial Aid eligible are: the housing conduct fee, the housing parking fee, the housing damage fee, housing key fee, housing improper check out fee and the housing late fee.

Late Move-In

Moving in after the official Move-In day for the semester is called a Late Move-In. If a Late Move-In resident has already received their financial aid disbursement for the semester, they must use those funds to pay their Housing charges according to the fee schedule and their Late Move-In documents.

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8 Installment Payments for the Academic Year

There are eight (8) installment payment due during the academic year, September through April. There are four (4) installments due in Fall, in September, October, November and December. There are four (4) installments due in Spring, in January, February, March and April. Installment Payments are due on the 2nd of each month, and after the 5th of the month are considered late and subject to a $20 late fee. Financial Aid recipients with delayed disbursements can be held responsible for the late fee.

To view account details, log onto the SF State Gateway. View the Account Activity, Due Now and Future Payments monthly to see what is due.

Once you receive your space confirmation, view the Housing Fee Schedule to determine if your Scheduled Financial Aid Net Disbursement is enough to cover actual housing costs. Please note that Housing is paid after Tuition and Fees have been paid.

Do not assume your financial aid will pay all housing costs. Declining any part of the financial aid award, including student and parent loans, will likely result in the student paying Housing costs directly.

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Charges Due Now & Future Payments

To check account activity, log in to the SF State Gateway. In the Student Center, view Account Activity, Amount Due Now or Future Payments. If expecting Financial Aid to pay some charges, the student should check their account after the major Financial Aid disbursement each semester to determine remainder due to Housing for that semester. If Financial Aid does not pay the total due for the semester, the student is responsible for paying based on the Housing Fee Schedule.

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Methods of Payment


On the SF State Gateway navigate to the Student Center and in the “Finances” section (center of the page), click on “Make a Payment”. Carefully select the charges you wish to pay and add them to your checkout. Past due balances will be auto-populated into your checkout.

There are three online payment options you can choose:

  • Credit Card – pay using a credit or debit card payments (2.75% service fee)
  • Electronic Check – pay using a US based bank routing and account number (no service fee)
  • International Flywire – pay using a wire transfer payment (fee will vary depending on country selected), only available for non-US based payments (United States is not a selectable country for this payment method)

Take a look at the (Note: the following link will take you out of SF Housing website to an external website) Bursar's Office Online Payment Video

In Person

The Housing Office cashier window accepts personal checks, cashier’s checks and money orders.

The Bursar’s Office window in the Student Services Building accepts the above forms of payment, as well as cash.

Make checks payable to “SF State.” Student name and SF State ID number must be included on the face of the check.

Cash is only accepted at the Bursar’s Office window.


Please do not mail cash.

Personal check, cashier’s check and money order may be mailed to:

SF State Housing
800 Font Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94132

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